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1885, Fifth Avenue and 42 street
New York City, as well as the rest of the country, was a lot different at the turn of the century over 100 years ago.

The New York subway was just breaking ground, families were still fighting against child labor laws, and a measly 3 million people lived within city limits.
The “First Great Age” also gave the city many of its most beautiful buildings including the iconic Flatiron Building and the illustrious Grand Central Terminal.
Get swept away with these beautiful photos of the New York City of yesteryear, as seen in Stephen Braxton Thompson‘s New York City Views: Vintage Photography.

Ca. 1900 Mott Street

Ca. 1900, Drying clothing hanging buildings at Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue,and 107 Street

Ca. 1900,Brooklyn Bridge walkway

Ca. 1900, Clam vendor in Mulberry Bend in lower Manhattan

1903, Newsstand

1896, “Lovers Lane”in Central Park

Photos Courtesy Library of Congress/Stephen Thompson

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Autumn gives us beautiful fall foliage and a chance to leaf peep but it also brings brisk weather. Spiced spirits are your best bet for warming up, but when it’s not quite time to stake out fireplaces at New York bars or glug down hot winter cocktails, it’s hard to find a good glass that’s not hard cider. Instead, get cozy with one of this season’s best fall cocktails.

Bad Manners at Nitecap, Upper East Side
Like a good fruit cobbler, this bourbon glass balances bright berry with a hit of cinnamon that’s more bite than bark. As the baking spice fades off, a jolt of lemon and zing of ginger bring back tart cranberry.

Labu Kelapa at Pouring Ribbons, East Village
The mound of toasted coconut atop the Collins glass alludes to cloying creaminess, but a kick of citrus and potent floral gin add backbone to the milky base. Biting pumpkin allspice is coated in sweet, caramely Batavian arrack, a rumlike liqueur, which echoes a slice of good pie.

Harvest Moon at Crimson & Rye, Midtown East
Sharp and potent moonshine gets lightened up with supple, foamy egg white and a creamy, nearly caramel apple reduction. A heavy-handed spritz of lemon cuts through any sickly-sweet potential and then fades off to make way for a drier, oaky ending.

Rum & Raisin Flip at The Gilroy, Upper East Side
The froth-filled cup looks like a latté, then the fragrant spiced rum and deep dried-fruit sherry surge onto your tongue. The sugarcane sweetness is cut by a sprinkling of nutmeg, which falls through the foam and swirls into the concoction.

The Great Ray at King Bee, East Village
The clarified classic looks like a sweet, soft and light honey but shouldn’t be underestimated. Packing a punch with tang as strong as Greek yogurt, just a kiss of honey and a sour-citrus zip, this fortified wine shake-up is definitely a slow-sipper.

Suit of Spades at The Dead Rabbit, Financial District
Black-tea-–infused vodka paired with smoky mescal sounds overwhelming and heavy, but bright fresh lemon and a pinch of sea salt slice through the murkiness. The smooth, creamy white chocolate and dry, nearly savory aperitif wine push this margarita look-alike into autumn.

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Special Mix for Time Out New York

Time Out New York

Luca Bacchetti
Photograph: Courtesy Rebel Butterfly

As New Yorkers, we sometimes forget what this city means to people not from it. Being born under the Tuscan sun, it turns out, has given Luca Bacchetti a love for our city in a way that only someone growing up far removed from it, yet somehow still in its shadow, ever could.

In this excellent genre-hopping mix the Endless Worldwide boss has lovingly, and exclusively, assembled for us, he embraces our assigned theme of a long-distance dedication to this city more overtly than any other so far in this short series, all due respect to Billy Caldwell (Mix #1), Dan Selzer (Mix #2) and Haehnel/Müller (andhim Mix #3). Fighting through sickness and the busy holiday season, he lined up his usual mix of smooth house but with a twist: recent tracks from Rampa, Nina Kraviz and Martin Buttrich & Konrad Black now sit alongside local bangers from Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Maxwell and…Woody Allen? Yep. But let’s just let him tell you:

“If this city didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t be here now and wouldn’t be doing what I do. When I discovered hip-hop and black music toward the end of the ’80s, New York was my dream, the city I dreamt about whilst looking at the double cover of Paul’s Boutique, which I stuck on the ceiling above my bed, a melting pot of races, a place where records came from, along with fashion and even the way you walked. Yes, in New York, even the walk is different! When I think of New York, I think of the world; it’s pretty difficult to find a purebred American here. This is the crossroads where things happen and everyone brings something of themselves. In this mix, I try to take a snapshot of some of the many memories I have, although it’s a very difficult task for me to condense the visions the city evokes. Above all, I thought: What do I bring to NYC? Here too, every now and then, quotes jump out. Where I was born, on the Tuscan Apennines, I was surrounded by mountains—a kid day-dreaming about what was on the other side. New York was that dream, and for many, it still is.”

Luca Bacchetti plays Janurary 9 at Verboten with Kölsch + Daniel Bortz.

Manhattan (movie clip)
Public Enemy, “Fight The Power”
James Brown, “There It Is”
Wu-Tang Clan, “Triumph”
Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On”
Janet feat. Q Tip and Joni Mitchell, “Got Til It’s Gone”
D’Angelo, “Chicken Grease”
Miles Davis, “On The Corner”
Taxi Driver (movie clip)
Soulphiction, “Ann Arbor” (Musik Krause)
Gold Panda, “Clarke’s Dream” (Unknown)
Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis, “What’s It Gonna Be?” (Ten Thousand Yen)
Hyenah, “Tale From the Dirt (Rampa Remix)” (Freerange)
Embassy Of Joy, “Addiction (Johannes Brecht Remix)” (ENDLESS)
Martin Buttrich & Konrad Black, “Siamese Connection” (Rumors)
Hundreds, “Please Rewind (The Das Remix)” (Krakatau)
Jesse Ware, “Keep on Lying (Nina Kravitz Remix)” (Unknown)
Flight Facilities, “Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Robag Wruhme’s Endara Wassby Remix)” (Future Classic)
Beastie Boys, “We Got The (Godblesscomputers re-work)” (Unknown)
Bonobo, “Return to Air” (Ninja Tune)
Maxwell, “The Suite Theme”

Time Out New York

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