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New Luca’s Remix premiered on Thump

Luca "Ananda" Remix Thump

Luca Bacchetti Gives “Ananda” A Therapeutic Remix

The stream-of-consciousness approach to music production isn’t for everyone. Reusing the same inspirations to create music, can be a static way to produce; one that thrusts creativity into a habitual routine rather than a deeper expression. Luca Bacchetti strives for difference. He desires to “never be defined or [even] confined to one thing.”

The Italian producer and ENDLESS imprint owner has given a lengthy track called “Ananda” by Livio & Roby a therapeutic remix. The original song habours a mystery—with a creeping, ascending layer of beats. But Luca’s rendition eases the shadowy sounds, dusts them with this atmospheric daze and incorporates a slightly uptempo tribal drum. It lures you cautiously, lifts you up and lets you levitate in its dreamlike world.

Over the course of his career, Luca has sent his sound through an evolution of discoveries. His imprint is his personal platform to release his own music and those of his colleagues, that collectively combine the infinite possibilities of travel and music. His remix of “Ananda” pays a delicate homage to both.

“Ananda” is out on VIVa MUSiC on Monday, October 20th, with an additional remix from Cesar Merveille sitting alongside Livio & Roby’s 2014 Reinterpretation.

Listen to the full lenght version here

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