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“Unwoven Light” by Soo Sunny Park

Rice University Art Gallery
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005

American Artist Soo Sunny Park’‘s ‘Unwoven Light‘ installation animates the Rice Gallery’’s expansive space, transforming it into a shimmering world of light,shadow, and brilliant color. Suspended from the walls and ceiling, thirty-seven individually sculpted units are arranged as a graceful, twisting flow of abstract form. Users are invited to meander slowly as one might stroll along a river’s edge, stopping to admire the glints of light that dance on the water’s surface.
The installation continues the artist’s ongoing experimentation with the ephemeral qualities of light and how light affects our perceptions of architectural space.

all images © nash baker
via designboom

The Big Cloud by Camille Seaman

American photographer Camille Seaman has extensively documented the raging beauty of supercell storms stretching from north Dakota to Texas in a series entitled ‘the big cloud‘. Teaming with experienced storm chasers, seaman managed to capture the natural phenomena looming over the american landscape – immortalizing billowing cloud masses and smoky grey tornadoes.
The work represents seaman’s relationship towards nature – specifically regarding humans and their environment – requesting her audience to consider their surroundings and its significance. the storms seaman encountered would reach measurements of 50 miles wide and 65, 000 feet high, able to produce grapefruit-sized hail.

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