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Luca Bacchetti “Vento EP” ENDLESS


In the wake of what has been a most creative year, VENTO EP is now out!
With a combination of new work and remixes, Luca Bacchetti seems to have delineated his sonic territory: a non categorisable soundscape oscillating between electronica and techno.
With its ethnic influences, VENTO EP is the natural evolution of the GENESIS double EP, released in January 2016.

VENTO (which in Italian means wind) was also one of the more intense moments of his DJ set at Burning Man’s Robot Heart this year. It speaks clearly: travel is the common denominator of all of Luca’s music, his ‘sonic scenery’, sounds that flow like moving images, as if we are watching the world unfold around us, precisely as if on a journey. Same thing for THE GREAT WIDE OPEN, where the colours are darker, sudden changes of scene tied together with elegance, as always a trademark of his work. Once again one has the sensation of holding a one way ticket to unforeseen destinations.

NOTHING TO LOSE is the most electronic track on the EP, echoes of trip hop leading us into darkness, pierced by flashes of light, the underlying tension and groove deepening and becoming more intense. Here we can appreciate the collaborations from Stefano Onorati on keys and Andrea Guzzoletti with his ‘dramatic’ trumpet solo in the finale. The last track of this EP is THE BIRTH OF VENTO, a 12 minutes journey, an ambient interpretation of the title track. If it’s true that “The answer is blowin’ in the wind”, let’s hear what VENTO EP has to tell us.




New Endless Remix Out June 2015


The Box “Sketches Of Pain” ENDLESS

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
The Box is a project born of three prodigious musicians desire to explore new sounds and fresh approaches. Stefano Onorati, Walter Paoli and Andrea Guzzoletti, each highly acclaimed and vastly experienced musicians in their own right combine in perfect harmony to create this forward thinking collaboration. For this formidable collective, the creative process far outweighs the final result. For them, the central concept is always focused on how to play and express oneself instead of what to play; how they get there and not where they go. This outlook results in continuous improvisation with variations of form, colour and tone. A melting pot in which to mix the accumulated experience of three people engaged in perpetual and unrestrained dialogue, The Box always favours non-method over method. The only limitation being the absence of limits because when one doesn’t adhere to a form, any form is possible and when one doesn’t have a style, any style is possible.

“Sketches Of Pain” is a meet-up of two cultures which have been at war with each other for thousands of years. Music unites where the world of Men divides! Here the magical voice of Egyptian singer Ahmad Elsawy can weave its spell. Intelligent electronica, ethnic and acoustic instruments, all join together once more to blend two worlds into one universal language.

3 remixes. Luca Bacchetti continues his series of Endless Remixes preferring a mostly dub feel with a version that retains some of the original elements, creating that tension culminating in what is the “suspended” sonic idyll that lately has characterized his breakdowns, by now a trademark of his. Jon Charnis, who we already know for his work on Innervisions and All Day I Dream, has taken it in another direction to put together a true masterpiece, the tone here becoming more “trippy” with a pure afterhours atmosphere. The ever present and increasingly detailed groove add to that magic touch that has made Charnis one of the most interesting techno artists on the American scene. Last but not least one of our favourite techno artists, Eduardo De La Calle, surprises us with an interpretation that distances itself completely from the original, moving it into that enigmatic, mysterious and unregulated territory that is definitely his very own unmistakable way of living and feeling techno music. An EP that we expect will come-out from indoor clubs to find its best expression in exotic locations, deserts, beaches, dimensions that are part of that imaginary world that we call: ENDLESS.

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OVO is here!


By now we have become used to sudden changes of direction; but we’d already gathered his real intentions following the popular remix of “Lonely Stars In Open Skies” on All Day I Dream with which Luca jump started 2014.

Now OVO, the eagerly awaited new Luca Bacchetti EP, is here!

With this work on his ENDLESS imprint, Luca seems to be delineating a new soundscape, maintaining the psychedelia he introduced into his productions a few years ago; but now more synthetic and in some ways even minimalist.

In OVO we can find a brace of dancefloor tracks, No Gravity and The Space Between Us, that maintain and harness Luca’s emotional and intricate atmospheres whilst also employing powerful sounds and elements that embrace the movement of the body. Mature, emotional Techno, where ethereal dream-like atmospheres find a singular expression and their own distinct identity. It is no coincidence that the whole EP was recorded entirely high up in the Tosco Emiliano Apennines: a place where, for Luca, Nature is the element that most influences this new aural pathway. As he himself states: “It’s this contrast between isolated lands and the chaos of the big city that produces this state of being: a new dialogue. They are two worlds which overlap within my soul: when I’m in New York I think of these mountains and when I’m here I think of the bustle of tour life .. but it’s up here that I find the seed, in this case OVO.”

The beautiful ambient masterpiece, OVO, was recorded in December 2013 and features Stefano Onorati, jazz musician and long time friend of Luca. The 15 minute opus was then finished in April 2014 and now sees its unveiling.

ENDLESS – Catalogue Number: NDL006
Artist: Luca Bacchetti Title: OVO EP Format: 12” full cover / digital
Digital Release Date: 16.06.2014 Physical Release Date: 26.05.2014

Tracklisting Physical:
A1. No Gravity
B1. The Space Between Us

Tracklisting Digital:
01. No Gravity
02. The Space Between Us 03. OVO

Mixed by Hannes Bieger, Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx, Berlin.


OVO video

ovo video shot

The beautiful ambient masterpiece, OVO, was recorded in December 2013 and features Stefano Onorati, jazz musician and long time friend of Luca. The 15 minute opus was then finished in April 2014 and now sees its unveiling.

The full length video (15 minutes) will be available soon on Vimeo / Youtube.

Available on Beatport 16.06.2014 / iTunes 14.07.2014 as single download.

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