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RESERVOIR (Ascesa) by John Grade Studio

Arte Sella Sculpture Park, Borgo Valsugana, Trento, Italy.

Suspended above a clearing in a grove of pine trees, Reservoir is made up of five thousand individually heat-formed, clear droplets framed in steam-bent wood. The delicate droplets are attached to a pair of clear filament nets that are supported by tree trunks above. As rainwater or snow accumulates in the droplets, the position and shape of the nets lower and change. As collected water evaporates, the sculpture rises back to its original configuration. Sheathed springs below pulleys limit vertical range of motion so the sculpture remains at least ten feet above the ground. Even a very light rain creates enough downward movement to be comprehended visually by viewers below. When dry, the sculpture weighs 70 pounds. When filled by a heavy rainfall, the sculpture can exceed 800 pounds.
Periodically the sculpture will be manually manipulated to rise and fall to engage with the movements initiated by dancers. The varied topography surrounding the site of the sculpture offers viewers both a vantage directly below the cloud-like mass as well as a view looking across the mid-line of the sculpture slightly above its changing center of mass.

RESERVOIR (Ascesa) from John Grade on Vimeo.

via John Grade Studio

THE BLANKET at Burning Man 2018

Giant NASA Space Blanket Planned to Cover This Year’s Burning Man

With announcements of a giant reflective orb installation almost complete, this year’s upcoming Burning Man festival looks to up the ante on large, reflective installation pieces. The latest installation proposal is a 10,000 square meter reflective silver NASA space blanket designed by Russia-based architect Sasha Shtanuk.

The large reflective blanket will be made of 3,350 ultralight polyester NASA space blankets, which will constantly change shapes to look like gigantic waves. The installation will also provide a chilly gathering space in the hot desert location, since the metallic silver side of the blanket reflects up to 97 percent of radiated heat.

To bring the project to life, Shtanuk has started an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the materials and transportation of the giant NASA space blanket installation, which has a flexible goal of $17,500 USD.

shtanuk aims at bringing a safe and friendly gathering space into the hot desert. ‘ever since we were children and throughout our lives, we share the space under the blanket with lovers, friends, and family,’ says the architect. ‘under the blanket, there are no strangers.’



In Singapore, Moscow, Rennes, in gallery or during festivals, the installation Cloud, thought by Caitlind R. C. Brown and Wayne Garett, doesn’t stop to travel around the world. It’s a huge interactive cloud made of 6000 recycled light bulbs that viewers can light up or light off by pushing on the suspended wires. By exploiting a medium like light bulbs, these two artists want to show that we can make art only with daily objects.

Via Fubiz


The 54th edition of the iSaloni 2015 fair will fling open its doors from Tuesday 14th to Sunday 19th April, at the Rho Milan Fairgrounds. Quality and innovation, along with major collateral Milan Design Week 2015 events and a comprehensive, wide range of goods are the ingredients that make the Salone such an unmissable event.

Saloni 2015 fair, split into three style categories: Classic, Modern and Design, The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and SaloneSatellite will be flanked by the biennial Euroluce / International Lighting Exhibition in Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15 and Workplace3.0/SaloneUfficio dedicated to the workspace, in Pavilions dedicated to the workspace, in Pavilions 22- 24.

Euroluce, the exhibition devoted to excellence in the lighting world will showcase the very latest in outdoor, indoor, industrial, event/s very latest how, special use and hospital lighting solutions, lighting systems, light sources and illumination technology software and consulting. To mark the 2015 International Year of Light proclaimed by UNESCO, architect Attilio Stocchi has conceived “FAVILLA. To every light a voice” for the city of Milan – an installation/event telling the story of and exploring the essence of light. This is one of the best Milan Design Week 2015 design events to see!

Workplace3.0 is an exhibition with an innovative concept, devoted to design and technology for planning the workspace in the round. Workplace3.0 will bring together the top proposals from the furnishing world for office, banks, insurance offices, post offices and other public spaces, seating for offices and public spaces, acoustics, flooring and coverings, lighting and office accessories as well as audio-video technologies and communication.

“The Walk”, a huge installation on exhibit inside the Workplace3.0 pavilions, was conceived by internationally renowned Italian architect Michele De Lucchi as an area for showcasing ideas and design triggers for planning workspaces in their many different contemporary interpretations. New activities and working modes generate new workspaces and new design requisites for “inhabiting them”, with offices increasingly becoming a hub for social interface, meetings and living side by side.



Actress and Artist Rainer Judd shares her diary with New York.

Rag & Bone
73 E Houston Street
New York, NY 1001

Not far from her father, minimalist master Donald Judd’s townhouse-turned-museum in SoHo, Rainer Judd is festooning the façade of Rag & Bone’s Houston Street boutique with pages from her diary. Running through the beginning of February, the two-month-long project began with Judd handing over her artful journals to the brand’s creative team, who culled a selection of entries to share. “When it started out I didn’t know how interesting it would be,” explains Judd, who braved freezing temperatures to install a new page every three days. “It was enlightening to see what connected. ” Whimsical and striking, her journals are filled with poems, phrases, and paint streaks, all of which offer a window into her imagination. Her first adventure into pasting, Judd hit a learning curve, but it was nothing her friend Marc Azoulay, who serves as studio manager for the artist JR, couldn’t help her with. “We borrowed their scaffolding every time [we installed],” says Judd. Attracting a following on Instagram and a flurry of spray painted tags, the conversational aspect of the project engaged Judd the most. “I’m a real advocate of journaling, I realize,” she says. “If I could I would just give blank books away.” We’d prefer she lend us a chapter out of her beautiful book instead.

Via W Magazine

‘Walking Legs’ go on show @ Michael Hoppen Gallery

Guy Bourdin – Walking Legs’ runs until 28 March 2015

Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place
London SW3 3TD

For devotees of Guy Bourdin, there’s been much to rediscover – and uncover – about the late French photographer since his largest retrospective to date opened at Somerset House in London. Bourdin buffs can now stroll south to Chelsea gallery Michael Hoppen Contemporary, where his Walking Legs series (alongside a number of original Polaroids) will enjoy a separate selling run until the end of March.

Commissioned by French shoe designer Charles Jourdan – a long-time creative collaborator of Bourdin’s – the startling series comprises an array of disembodied mannequin legs set against quintessentially British backdrops. Shapely gams head for shelter under a David Mellor-designed bus stop in one instance, while glossy calves take a Hitchcockian turn down a dark alley and English roses bloom in full around another pair. The ‘portraits’ cast British archetypes in a sinister, new light.

Part advertising campaign, part travelogue, the images were captured during the late summer of 1979 when Bourdin, armed with a trunk of Charles Jourdan shoes and accompanied by his son, hit the road in a black Cadillac travelling from London to Brighton. Until now, the series had never been publicly seen in its entirety, with only a small sample of images originally published.

Bourdin’s approach to image making was revolutionary for the time. His work defied commercial conventions in favour of artistic ones, placing greater importance on the complex and intricate narratives woven around the products rather than the products themselves.

To that end, Walking Legs is his unique visual language at its purest and wittiest – hallmarked by uncanny compositions (Bourdin was a protégé of the Surrealist Man Ray), intense colour palettes, mysteriously absent models and an intoxicating quality of eroticism. Not to be missed, Bourdin’s plastic pins are foot fetishism at its chicest.

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss
Via Wallpaper magazine

Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed

Joseph Kosuth’s new show at Sprueth Magers

Joseph Kosuth’s Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed runs until 14 February at Sprueth Magers in London.

Joseph Kosuth’s current London show is best experienced after dark. Arrive outside Spruth Magers gallery on Grafton Street and pause to take in the light radiating on to the street from within. The bold colourful sculptures could easily be confused for festive lights. Kosuth hoped for unpretentious reactions when he originally chose to use neon as a medium to showcase his ‘public writing’. All electrical sockets and wires are on show, there is no attempt to deceive, and, consequently, the audience is aligned with the artist.

Kosuth, born in Ohio in the 1940s, first developed his irreverent use of neon in the 1960s. ‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed’ exhibits Kosuth’s enduring use of neon from 1965-2011 including the piece Fetishism (Corrected) (1988) and pieces from the Beckett series (2011). These works underpin Kosuth’s status as the father of conceptual art. The walls are lined with facsimiles from pioneering works of literature and philosophy to create a sort of ‘architectural house of ideas’. Converting Freud’s essay ‘Fetischismus’ into a cobalt blue neon sculpture extricates Freud’s ideas and emphasizes an attempt to destabilize traditional art forms. Kosuth takes one art form, philosophy, and converts it into another: sculpture. He forces the audience to reconsider certain philosophical ideas by placing them in a new gallery context. For instance perplexing passages from Hegel and Adorno are juxtaposed with their more middlebrow Calvin and Hobbes counterparts.

The exhibition extends downstairs to a small room occupied with neon lights quoting the chapter titles and hours of Joyce’s Ulysses. Alarmingly there is no natural light- only sterile white neon light, the effect is as though inhabiting the subconscious. The artworks in the exhibition are the physical execution of morphology. Profoundly influenced by Wittgenstein, Kosuth continues to explore the meaning tied to language. What does a word or phrase become when it is written in neon and placed in a gallery? Does the word have the same meaning or is it now an artefact? The result is distressing; the human method of conveying meaning and communicating is disputed and suddenly a simple phrase or word is as complex as the philosophical ideas confronted.

Text by Sarah Featherby via Frame

Art Basel Miami 2014 : Paula Crown

American artist Paula Crown has set ‘Transposition: over many miles’ within the Miami Design Dstrict, serving as an interactive space for the mixed-use, design-oriented neighborhood. with its reveal coinciding with Art Basel Miami beach 2014, the monumental, site-specific installation is set to see members from the urban community visit and adopt the space as a creative lab.

The work has been fabricated in collaboration with the studio of chicago-based artist Theaster gates and the apprenticeship program at the arts incubator at the University of Chicago, where Studio Gang architects served as the consulting architect. the ‘PERforation’ sculpture is based on a 3D derivation of torn edges of sketchbook paper, sited on 3,200 square feet of constructed flooring. this geometric composition is based on a landscape drawing from crown’s ‘africa drawings’, dimensionalized through high-resolution scanning processes, scale alterations and 3D printing

The modular installation comprises reclaimed wood, tempered glass, synthetic grass, metal, local plantings, and sand. gates’ studio used salvaged cedar and pine materials for the project, used by students and alumni of the design apprenticeship program, which in turn aided in their development of woodworking and carpentry skills. ‘transposition’ — on-site at 39th and 1st ave in the design district — can be visited from now through march 2015.

image © Robin Hill & Sara Pooley
Via designboom


Formed in Barcelona in 2007, Dvein is a collaborative collective that pushes the limits of live action and CGI storytelling, helmed by creative directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo. With a background in fine art and design, the collective merges the physical with the digital world to craft sleek visual effects infused with their own distinctive, organic aesthetic. With an experimental, design-driven culture at its core, Dvein combine live action with animation to pursue a unique visual language in all their work across cinema, broadcast, music video, art and installation.

Handpicked for the 2009 Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Director Showcase for their mesmerising opening film for OFFF Festival, Dvein have crafted commercial work for clients including Diesel, Canal+, MTV, National Geographic and Nokia. The collective’s recent intricate title sequence for retro-futuristic sci-fi movie ‘Eva’ by Spanish director Kike Maíllo showcases the scope of Dvein’s capabilities, while their first music video for The Vein track ‘Magma’ – created in collaboration with Adobe – earned acclaim across the web for its visceral fusion of in-camera and computer-generated visuals.

Dvein’s work has been featured at festivals and conferences across the globe, such as F5 in New York and ArtFutura in Buenos Aires.

When a large, floating blob of flesh with no facial features save a mouth starts singing Frank Sinatra’s classic song “The Lady Is A Tramp” there are two possibilities- you’re either dreaming, or you’re watching some weird video on the interwebs.

Lady is a tramp from Dvein on Vimeo.

Screen Test.
Featuring Marganta.
Voice: Marga Sardà.
Design, direction and animation by Dvein.

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