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Photographs and text by Erica Simone

Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen bloomed from an initial questioning about clothing and its importance in society today.

Fashion acts as a language: it allow us to silently portray who we are or want to be, offering society an impression about us — whatever that may be.

Fashion also tends to segregate and place us into various social categories as well as communicate a certain mood or particular feeling. This tool is quite precious to civil society, and as most people, I naturally use clothing as a way of portraying my own image.

However, in a city like New York, the fashion industry has a massive impact: people often tend to be overly concerned with appearance and the materialistic side of it. This became very real for me while I was photographing Fashion Week a few years back. As I watched an image-absorbed union of people care more about the sales at Barney’s than the homeless people they stepped over on the street, I began to ponder: “What would the world feel like naked? What if we didn’t have clothing to portray who we want to be or feel as individuals? What if we couldn’t show off our social status to demand the treatment we wanted from others? What if all we had were our bodies?”
These questions raised many various issues and these issues raised many various questions.

From there, my photographic project was born. With a tripod and a couple ounces of adrenaline, I took to the streets bare to see what a typical New York day would be like.

At first, I wasn’t so sure what was going to happen or what was going to come of it all, but as the collection progressed, more and more issues became clear to me. For example: “Why can we be arrested for being naked in the street, when as human beings, we are born naked?” I can understand that it would be socially unacceptable or morally discouraged, but for it to be in some cases prohibited by law…? This all seemed quite bizarre and really more so a violation of human rights.

Another question that arose was that of sexuality. “Is nudity inherently sexual or is nudity just a part of being human? Why does society typically equate nudity to sex? And how does the variety of body types come into the equation when asking that question?” Each person’s answer is different.

To clarify, I’m not an exhibitionist or a nudist – I’m an artist looking to humorously poke at some interesting thoughts about society and question who we are (and how we’d like to be perceived) as human beings. It’s now up to the viewer to answer those questions, as he/she likes.

However, for me, from Houston to Hudson and from Bowery to the Bronx, photographing Manhattan has never been such a rush….


Creative Control #5

Luca Bacchetti

Giving advice is always a responsibility, I’d say listen carefully to everyone, but above all to the little voice inside that’s with you day after day: that voice always tells the truth and it’s up to you to know how to interpret it.” – Luca Bacchetti

That little voice inside your head: your own creative pilot, driving your dreams and desires, tugging heavily on your inspirations and the emotions attached to them. Sometimes this pilot shouts so loudly you don’t know where to apply your focus first.

We asked Luca Bacchetti for more clarity. Italian-born, DJ, producer and ENDLESS label owner, Luca is a man who’s spent his entire life immersed in as much music as possible. Long before he was a professional artist releasing tracks on labels such as Ovum, Wagon Repair, Crosstown Rebels and Defected, Luca’s allowed his inner creative pilot to quench his thirst for knowledge of all artistic cultures.

If you’re aware of his work, you’ll know that commitment has paid off. If you’re yet to enjoy his near-decade rich repertoire, have a listen to this epic, emotionally-surcharged remix of Maher Daniel and Jon Charnis. Then read on as he shares his thoughts on finding inspiration, writing techniques, how to combat writer’s block and how YOU can shout loudly over the competition.

Enjoy… Giving advice might well be a responsibility but sharing thoughts and inspiring others is a gift.

Let’s start with a technical question: what do you write your music on?

In the box, out of the box etc…

In the box: I always use software and external drum machines. The analog world fascinates me but I have always preferred that certain comfort, the one that allows you to make music anywhere with just a few essentials. I always like to say that my studio is mainly in my head, it’s all about the way I assemble ideas.

I understand you’re an avid reader and collector of many artistic styles… Music and beyond. How do you channel all that endless input and stimulation into your own work to create something so precisely?

I’m inquisitive and like to learn new things, in particular to discover new forms of art. Music is only one aspect of this; the arts often have many visions in common. There is always a connection between a piece of music, a design, architecture, a simple image, a place …

Travel helps one to develop the awareness that diversity is one of the greatest gifts we have. If you had the chance to travel the world (with all the time and money you need) maybe you still wouldn’t be able to see all the wonders of this planet, the same is true if you were to listen all the music available … what we have at our disposal are endless possibilities, and these days all this technology is multiplying the possibilities even more, making accessible to all what before was destined to the single professional. Hence the awareness of living in an ENDLESS dimension, where the possibilities really are infinite.

The choice is always down to man; the human element, with his sensitivity and identity. ENDLESS is a big word and because of this it’s also an all-encompassing one, capable of holding everything… It seemed to me a word capable of representing the world we live in, and I’d like to think that what comes out of the ENDLESS house derives its inspiration from the great show continually playing out in front of us.

What do you find the most inspiration within music? Whole bodies of work? Sudden flashes of brilliance within one tune, arrangement dynamics? Or is this a ridiculous question?

I don’t think it’s a ridiculous question. It may happen that an idea arrives suddenly from nowhere, according to an unknown dynamic, on other occasions the fact that there is a precise reason brings it all onto a more rational plane, although it’s the way we filter the information that makes us unique.

It’s my belief that any person can find inspiration from anything: a painting, a film, a book, the body of a beautiful woman, some music, a child at play, a trip… There are some things that inevitably touch you to the core and which you’re bound to respond to. This happens to me too, I appreciate the beauty of all that stimulates me most. The artist puts all of himself in what he does and even if he wanders from his specific field it’s still about honesty and coherence.

I’ll give you an example, maybe a “ridiculous” one: many artists and producers who I admire have really interesting visions on their Instagram profiles… other’s profiles are empty, just as their music is empty. It’s about the way you see things, and I’m fully convinced there is a connection.

When you’re inspired by something you’ve heard, do you instantly turn to your DAW or do you make a note (physical or mental) and let it build in your head for a while?

I’m very instinctual, sometimes it’s an urgent need, sometimes it’s like sowing a seed that needs to be watered so it can grow. It’s also been the case that I’ve been inspired by a film, for example ‘Night Over Kwazulu’ which came about a few years ago when I saw a film on the life of Nelson Mandela.

I was so struck by it that I immediately felt the need to do something which in my own small way could be a tribute to the man. I thought how our life can be so complicated, difficult times where in the end we are just worrying about ourselves or those closest to us, with the ego as the main driving force. Just think for a moment how complicated it must be to worry about others, to have faith in your ideals to the point of changing the world? Such things cannot leave you unmoved. When that happens it’s like having a vision, it becomes very clear how to set the sound stage to describe the images that are coursing through you mind.

With so many inspirations and reference points in your head, can a canvas ever be blank when you sit down to work?

Yeah, sometimes I start from scratch just out of curiosity to see where it’s leading me. This too is inspiration. Have you ever set out on a trip without really knowing where you’re going to end up? What you live through has a different flavour. Several songs came about this way, for example ‘High Life’ and ‘On The Moon With You’.

“On The Moon EP” is Out now!



It’s been a full 12 months since Luca Bacchetti’s remix of David Alvarado’s “Klugh” blazed its trail here on Ovum. So what better way for us to ramp up the temperature in these cold winter months than to welcome our great friend back with his latest double-header.

Now residing in Barcelona, the Tuscan has enjoyed yet another successful year. He impressed again with his own work for the likes of Wagon Repair, Defected and Crosstown Rebels.

Having opened the year with a serious slice of techno, Luca leads Ovum back to house as he presents two beautifully warm sun-drenched numbers. The bongo-heavy “On The Moon With You” has us dreaming of summer as it bathes us in spine-tingling synths, beautiful melodies and dreamy vocals. From the balearic sounds of the title track to the African rhythms and inspirations of “High Life.” A track laden with vocal samples and powered by its potent piano riff.

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