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OVO is here!


By now we have become used to sudden changes of direction; but we’d already gathered his real intentions following the popular remix of “Lonely Stars In Open Skies” on All Day I Dream with which Luca jump started 2014.

Now OVO, the eagerly awaited new Luca Bacchetti EP, is here!

With this work on his ENDLESS imprint, Luca seems to be delineating a new soundscape, maintaining the psychedelia he introduced into his productions a few years ago; but now more synthetic and in some ways even minimalist.

In OVO we can find a brace of dancefloor tracks, No Gravity and The Space Between Us, that maintain and harness Luca’s emotional and intricate atmospheres whilst also employing powerful sounds and elements that embrace the movement of the body. Mature, emotional Techno, where ethereal dream-like atmospheres find a singular expression and their own distinct identity. It is no coincidence that the whole EP was recorded entirely high up in the Tosco Emiliano Apennines: a place where, for Luca, Nature is the element that most influences this new aural pathway. As he himself states: “It’s this contrast between isolated lands and the chaos of the big city that produces this state of being: a new dialogue. They are two worlds which overlap within my soul: when I’m in New York I think of these mountains and when I’m here I think of the bustle of tour life .. but it’s up here that I find the seed, in this case OVO.”

The beautiful ambient masterpiece, OVO, was recorded in December 2013 and features Stefano Onorati, jazz musician and long time friend of Luca. The 15 minute opus was then finished in April 2014 and now sees its unveiling.

ENDLESS – Catalogue Number: NDL006
Artist: Luca Bacchetti Title: OVO EP Format: 12” full cover / digital
Digital Release Date: 16.06.2014 Physical Release Date: 26.05.2014

Tracklisting Physical:
A1. No Gravity
B1. The Space Between Us

Tracklisting Digital:
01. No Gravity
02. The Space Between Us 03. OVO

Mixed by Hannes Bieger, Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx, Berlin.


OVO video

ovo video shot

The beautiful ambient masterpiece, OVO, was recorded in December 2013 and features Stefano Onorati, jazz musician and long time friend of Luca. The 15 minute opus was then finished in April 2014 and now sees its unveiling.

The full length video (15 minutes) will be available soon on Vimeo / Youtube.

Available on Beatport 16.06.2014 / iTunes 14.07.2014 as single download.

Who Can You Trust? EP

ENDLESS-003 600x600

Luca Bacchetti & Guti – LONELINESS

Almost two years have gone by since Luca and Guti last locked themselves in a studio to produce together. “Loneliness” is one of those pieces which come from the heart without planning. In the meantime the pair have got thousands out on the dance-floor playing it in clubs all around the world, with Guti even including it on his Essential Mix for BBC1.

There’s a great story behind this track, as Luca explains: “I’d always dreamed of visiting Rio de Janeiro, and from my research I fell in love with that “Scala” in Lapa, a Rio neighbourhood where the Chilean artist Jorge Selaron lives. I had wondered who was responsible for that flight of stairs which features in so many commercials and has become one of the symbols of the city. Jorge had made a deep impression on me and I proposed to Guti that we use the voice of this artist to tell a story and together we decided to write an emotional piece entitled “Loneliness” which would combine the two sentiments of “melancholy” and “joy”. Last October during the Brasilian leg of the tour I had the chance to visit Rio and as I was dying to meet Jorge I went to Santa Teresa to interview him. I was fortunate to be able to meet this unique artist just a few weeks before his tragic death. An artist who expressed a sense of solitude, together with restlessness and even madness, in the sole company of his faithful obsession: his stairs!”

Was it intuition or just coincidence to have called the track “Loneliness”? Listening to it now it sounds even more true and emotional. Following the continual requests of club goers and as a result of this incredible journey Luca and Guti finally decided to release the track. A small but sincere homage to all those artists who just like Selaron live in a sort of solitude, far away from the “noise”, in their own fashion changing their world and ours.

Signal Flow feat. KMLN – DANANUDE

Dananude is a word that we came out of the phrase “Dawn a new day” which symbolizes what this song expresses: a message to the people of the world not to be afraid and allow the dawn of a new beginning. We found the sample in an interview online between an interviewer and a Guatemalan Mayan elder one month before December 12, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Michael Tello (Pillow Talk) and Christopher say “Our idea incorporates different percussion instruments and rhythms from around the globe and combines them with a electronic tribal deep house sound”.

vinyl 20.05 |

digital 27.05 | beatport

“Bloom EP”

Luca Bacchetti Bloom EP

Saved Records have enjoyed a successful 2012 with strong releases from both the hottest new talent and established artists.

Finishing up the year for Saved and fresh off the back of his huge ep for Culprit and the launch of his very own label, Endless, is Italy’s Luca Bacchetti, who turns in two club smashes on the “Bloom EP”.

First up is the funk-filled “Grab Ya Hips!” which draws the crowd with its disco and brass hits along with the rapped vocals. Completing the release is “The Bloom” which possesses a unique bassline thats works to perfection with the fluctuating
synths, causing just as much commotion as the A side.

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