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New Endless Remix Out June 2015


The Box “Sketches Of Pain” ENDLESS

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
The Box is a project born of three prodigious musicians desire to explore new sounds and fresh approaches. Stefano Onorati, Walter Paoli and Andrea Guzzoletti, each highly acclaimed and vastly experienced musicians in their own right combine in perfect harmony to create this forward thinking collaboration. For this formidable collective, the creative process far outweighs the final result. For them, the central concept is always focused on how to play and express oneself instead of what to play; how they get there and not where they go. This outlook results in continuous improvisation with variations of form, colour and tone. A melting pot in which to mix the accumulated experience of three people engaged in perpetual and unrestrained dialogue, The Box always favours non-method over method. The only limitation being the absence of limits because when one doesn’t adhere to a form, any form is possible and when one doesn’t have a style, any style is possible.

“Sketches Of Pain” is a meet-up of two cultures which have been at war with each other for thousands of years. Music unites where the world of Men divides! Here the magical voice of Egyptian singer Ahmad Elsawy can weave its spell. Intelligent electronica, ethnic and acoustic instruments, all join together once more to blend two worlds into one universal language.

3 remixes. Luca Bacchetti continues his series of Endless Remixes preferring a mostly dub feel with a version that retains some of the original elements, creating that tension culminating in what is the “suspended” sonic idyll that lately has characterized his breakdowns, by now a trademark of his. Jon Charnis, who we already know for his work on Innervisions and All Day I Dream, has taken it in another direction to put together a true masterpiece, the tone here becoming more “trippy” with a pure afterhours atmosphere. The ever present and increasingly detailed groove add to that magic touch that has made Charnis one of the most interesting techno artists on the American scene. Last but not least one of our favourite techno artists, Eduardo De La Calle, surprises us with an interpretation that distances itself completely from the original, moving it into that enigmatic, mysterious and unregulated territory that is definitely his very own unmistakable way of living and feeling techno music. An EP that we expect will come-out from indoor clubs to find its best expression in exotic locations, deserts, beaches, dimensions that are part of that imaginary world that we call: ENDLESS.

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“Ananda” Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix


“Luca’s “Endless Remix” is enchanting from start to finish – with soaring sweeps emotively interweaving with a driving and powerful groove, this is a truly exceptional piece of production” VIVA MUSIC

This release has already found early support from Steve Lawler, Tale Of Us, Lee Burridge.

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New Luca’s Remix premiered on Thump

Luca "Ananda" Remix Thump

Luca Bacchetti Gives “Ananda” A Therapeutic Remix

The stream-of-consciousness approach to music production isn’t for everyone. Reusing the same inspirations to create music, can be a static way to produce; one that thrusts creativity into a habitual routine rather than a deeper expression. Luca Bacchetti strives for difference. He desires to “never be defined or [even] confined to one thing.”

The Italian producer and ENDLESS imprint owner has given a lengthy track called “Ananda” by Livio & Roby a therapeutic remix. The original song habours a mystery—with a creeping, ascending layer of beats. But Luca’s rendition eases the shadowy sounds, dusts them with this atmospheric daze and incorporates a slightly uptempo tribal drum. It lures you cautiously, lifts you up and lets you levitate in its dreamlike world.

Over the course of his career, Luca has sent his sound through an evolution of discoveries. His imprint is his personal platform to release his own music and those of his colleagues, that collectively combine the infinite possibilities of travel and music. His remix of “Ananda” pays a delicate homage to both.

“Ananda” is out on VIVa MUSiC on Monday, October 20th, with an additional remix from Cesar Merveille sitting alongside Livio & Roby’s 2014 Reinterpretation.

Listen to the full lenght version here

BPM 2014 Artist Preview: Luca Bacchetti

Italian DJ/producer Luca Bacchetti has had a very busy year. He has played in Miami, New York, Athens, Paris, and more in the last month alone. Now, he’s heading to Mexico for two special shows at The BPM Festival – All Day I Dream on January 4th at Mamita’s during the daytime and his own ENDLESS + Surface showcase on January 11th at Lost in Playa at night. We had a chance to catch up with Luca ahead of his journey to Playa del Carmen to chat about why he loves the festival so much, what guests can look forward to at his performances this year, his bond with Lee Burridge and All Day I Dream, and what he has in store for 2014.

In your own experience, what separates the BPM Festival from all the others you’ve played at? What have been some of your festival highlights from the past? I have to say that the Mexico is one of the countries I love the most, and it was also where I was first called to when I started to play overseas, so the decision to organize BPM in Mexico was a trump card for the organizers who are such a beautiful family. The locations are unique. You want to talk about the food? And then where else in the world can you hang out on the beach in January? The parties and the line ups are the best on the clubbing scene… the vibe is special. What more do you want?

You will be bringing ENDLESS to BPM this year on January 11th for its showcase debut along with Surface. What can guests expect from the party? It’s the first ever ENDLESS showcase. It was my wish to start with BPM which is also the first festival of the year. I’ve known Halo and Hippie for a long time and suggested we join forces together for this event. We will also have Alix Alvarez, Signal Flow, Marasco, and Jon Dadon from Lovelife… an Italian/West Coast mix! Musically it will be very interesting! Lost in Playa is a new club with a serious sound system!

Your remix for Maher Daniel and Joan Charnis’ “Lonely Stars In Open Skies” is out on All Day I Dream, and you’ll be playing at the ADID BPM showcase on January 4th. How did your friendship with Lee Burridge start? What are you looking forward to most about the event? I have a very special memory relating to Lee. At the beginning I wondered how it was possible to play all around the world like that, he was spinning like a top. I was just starting out and he was already a legend. I learned the meaning of the word globetrotter thanks to him! As fate would have it, soon after, I too became a globetrotter in my own right with him a great supporter of my releases. Not long ago he asked me to do something for the label. In the end, the right opportunity came up; the original song of Maher and Jon conjured up a world with which I knew I could do something special, so I took some time over it. All Day I Dream and ENDLESS have a very similar vision, so I really enjoyed it. It’s a perfect piece for the party, an emotional journey, sensual without giving up the groove! All this support from Dixon, Ame, Art Department really surprised me… so for All Day I Dream at BPM I’m preparing a special set. So excited!

You recently played with our friends at Flying Circus at Sankeys NYC and Treehouse Miami. What were those experiences like? It’s always nice to see friends’ projects take flight. I started playing with Audiofly at the first Flying Circus six years ago, and now it’s great to see that it’s become a consolidated brand. Both dates were exceptional, especially NYC. I really think that this summer Flying Circus had the best line ups in Ibiza.

You’ve had a busy month playing all across the globe in Miami, Athens, Paris, New York (Sankeys), and more. What have been some of your December touring highlights? Absolutely New York!! It was a great date! Sankeys NYC is dope!! I am very tied to NYC and as usual it did not disappoint!

What producers have been impressing you lately? Will we hear them on Endless? There are many interesting producers in circulation, it’s a really difficult choice. The next release on ENDLESS is from Alix Alvarez and it’s fantastic! Then Marasco, a producer based in Maui, Hawaii, and some other surprises. One day I would see on ENDLESS people like Soulphiction, Ame, Mathew Jonson and H-Foundation of whom I’m a really big fan! I have a never ending list.

What else can we look forward to seeing from you in 2014? With ENDLESS, we are working on the next party to be held during WMC 2014. Regarding my releases, I have many open projects as well as new remixes. There will be a series of releases that I’m very happy about. Over the past two years, the pleasure of being in the studio has increased, leading me to explore new sounds. Apart from all that, I’ll see y’all around as usual! Happy New Year to everyone!

Elizabeth Mallalieu, New York – United States
Listen to Luca Bacchetti on Pulse Radio

Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix, All Day I Dream


All of us here at All Day I Dream have been super excited about this release for months. Not only does it contain the gorgeous original mix from Maher Daniel and Jon Charnis that has been melting ladies hearts all summer long but we also have quite a superb remix. Luca Bacchetti’s Endless label is one of our favorites here and it was only a matter of time until we knew we were going to (gently) prize something special from his musical soul.

His remix has caused a little bit of a stir. We’ve been bombarded on a daily basis with requests for it. Well, for all you bombarders, it’s finally here. Initially we only sent it out to a tiny handful of friends and family. Dixon and Ame both played it in Panorama Bar on the same night, and it’s been a staple track in Lee Burridge’s sets all summer. It never sounded better than at Burning Man festival this year and those lucky enough to have been there will attest to the mystical journey it weaved as it meandered out of the Robot Heart bus’s perfect sound system and across the playa. One of it’s most memorable moments, so far, for sure. Now it’s time for you to create your own magic with it. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is deciding which mix to play. Dream on dreamers!

All Day I Dream

Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis “Lonely Stars in Open Sky”
Original + Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix
All Day I Dream

Vinyl 18.12.2013
Digital 30.12.2013

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