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Self-Portrait by Rimel Neffati!

Welcome to the magical world of Rimel Neffati. A self taught artist from France who makes portraits that will draw you straight to a world of circus, pin-ups, skulls and above all, beauty. Rimel started taking photographs at the end of 2008. With her works she proves that black and white can be the perfect ingredient for countless breathtaking works of art.

The woman in her works has many different faces, and is no one other than Rimel herself. “I started by making self-portraits because it was an easy way: full control on time, ideas, (no) limits, model, and then because I never had the idea of ​​being a “proper” photographer even though I work with a camera”.

Perhaps her idea of not being a ‘proper photographer’ is what makes her so great at what she does, as it is the playfulness and the blurriness of her works that give them a very strong identity. It’s often said that beauty can be found in imperfection. I think in Rimel’s case, the imperfections are what make her works perfect. “I love what I do, I have this feeling that I found my way, not only by self-portraits but beyond in creating, I feel I have so much to tell in this way”.

via Lomography

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