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So much is known of the great painter, artist, filmmaker, sculptor, designer, writer autobiographical exponent of Surrealism, which has made this movement a vision of life and, with his great imagination, he lived his life with extravagant attitudes and choices to the limits of absurdity that attracted the attention on himself. Many were the occasions to know the style applied to the arts, through the various exhibitions that were dedicated to him. And ‘one of the artists of the twentieth century’s most famous and most celebrated.

Everyone knows those long hair, sideburns … To say nothing of his mustache waxed and upturned, perhaps the most famous in the world.

“His is an aesthetic manic, talking about his mustache, Dali says it undertook to keep them at every opportunity” sharp, imperialist, ultra-rationalists and pointed toward the sky as the vertical mysticism. ”

We want to talk about Salvador Dalì, since his art is more connected to the world of fashion, than you might think. As already mentioned, she loved dressing in an eccentric manner, provocative. Indosava often long socks and knickers .. He loved the excess and the clothes he had found a way to express it in the newspaper. This extravagant dandy believed, in fact, that dressing was a form of expression of its own I, the living manifest a subversion. The most visible manifestation of desires and most intimate dreams.

But Dalí was not only attracted the fashion he wore, but also by what he helped create with such great names of haute couture in an explosive blend of surrealist art and fashion. To make a few notable examples, famous is the collaboration between the artist and Elsa Schiaparelli, for which he created the ” white dress with a lobster print ”

and ‘the skeleton dress “, the result of a particular technique of quilted fabric that forms with its volumes ribs, spine, tibia, hips, ribcage.

Even for her designs the famous “hat-shoe” and a pink belt with lip-shaped buckle.

For Christian Dior in 1950 he created the famous “dress for 2045 years.”

As the skeleton, lips, even more, are an element that recurs almost obsessively in his art. We see them reproduced in the famous portrait of Mae West, hollywood diva, for the Americans icon and muse for Dali, struck by her for her provocative and extravagant femininity and sensuality to the limits of indecency.

To her, that he loved so much, in 1935 dedicated a portrait that is a room, which became one of the symbols of surrealist art! “Your face is a dream turn into a living” “complete with a sofa in the shape of lips and other items of furniture which, in ‘together, reproduce the very face.”

This portrait was installed at the center of the lips sofa-West, an element that returns obsessively Dali surrealist art

and that we find reproduced in the series of lipsticks

and jewelry that the artist himself in later years has created.

The jewelry collection is inspired by natural elements and anthropomorphic and fleeting by definition, set out in the act of transformation.


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