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“Pollen Spreader” Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix 16.11.2015

“Pollen Spreader" Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix

“The lone interpretation of ‘Pollen Spreader’ is provided by Luca Bacchetti who is making his first appearance on microCastle. The Italian artist and Endless label boss. His diverse musical tastes have shaped his storied career, and filled his discography with immaculate creations on All Day I Dream, Crosstown Rebels, Ovum Recordings and his own Endless imprint. Luca carries inspiration from art, architecture and his world travels, all of which contribute to his ever evolving, border-less approach to production. His elegant craftsmanship has been touching the hearts and minds of electronic music lovers for years and he’s turned in a splendid rendition of ‘Pollen Spreader’ here. While retaining the tough, analog appeal of the original Luca has created his own unforgettable designs, which come to life following a stylized first act of jangly hooks. After stripping down, the piece flows through a tension filled section of dynamic beats and new found vocal elements, before the poignant theme is unleashed for a heavenly finale. As Luca says ” When I do a remix I need to get inspired and I need to find the right elements to develop my own vision, it’s a state of mind, a place which I can’t explain beyond a certain point otherwise I empty it of its content and meaning… With these 9 minutes, I hope to bring you there! ” A perfect ending to the release from Luca which is sure to be one of his most sought after remixes this year”

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