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Luca Bacchetti, On The Other Side


Saturday, May 2nd, Italian super-producer and DJ Luca Bacchetti takes Le Bain to the other side, somewhere over the Tuscan Apennines

LE BAIN: ‘Underground’ dance music can sometimes sound a bit homogeneous, but your sound is surprisingly personal. There’s something more to it…
LUCA BACCHETTI: It may seem odd, but I find the concept of ‘underground’ in music to be limiting. I don’t think of myself as ‘underground.’ Underground is a large boiling pot in which thousands of worlds get mixed up. If I had to coin a new definition, perhaps ‘Deeper Music’ would be something closer to the way I see things. I just believe that an artist has to listen to his own voice, or at least maintain his identity, instead of aligning himself to what’s happening around him. There are ridiculous productions around, well-made copies of other stuff, very functional for the dance floor, but artistically they’re nothing, only emptiness…

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